RugMaster Anti-Slip Rug Underlay


    Ensure your floor rug is as safe as it is stylish with our Premium RugMaster Anti-Slip Rug Underlay. 


    Made in Germany


    - Prevents floor rugs slipping or creeping on most floor surfaces

    - Prolongs floor rug life

    - No staining or adhesive residue

    - Free of harmful substances

    - Suitable for use with underfloor heating

    - Provides extra cushioning

    - Stops abrasion on timber or delicate floors


    1. Floor should be vacuumed, clean and dry before application

    2. If needed, cut to size with household scissors or a utility knife

    3. Position rug underlay on the floor where you intend to place your rug

    4. Use as many pieces as required to cover the size of your rug

    5. Roll or lift your rug onto the underlay, working out any lumps


    Choosing the right size rug grip for your rug is important. Follow our guidelines and tips below to get the perfect match!

    For a 160x230cm Rug - Choose 155x225cm Rug Grip

    For a 200x300cm Rug - Choose 190x290cm Rug Grip

    For a 250x350cm Rug - Choose 240x340cm Rug Grip

    For rugs larger than 250x350cm, we recommend either purchasing a 240x340cm piece of grip (if the rug is not too much larger), or purchasing more than one piece of grip, and laying them side by side, using scissors to trim excess pieces if necessary. For example, for a 300x400cm Rug, we would recommend either using a 240x340cm piece of grip, or using 2 x 190x290cm pieces of grip laid side by side.

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