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Embrace the exceptional luxury and aesthetic of this refined collection. Classic velvets paired with the beauty of delicate motifs and detailing make for a rich, elegant look. Layer on the couch or bed with darker tones for a moody, opulent feel, or style  with lighter toned velvets for a refined yet laid-back vibe. 

How to tell apart quality luxe rugs and luxe throws from cheap ones

You could be moving houses into a new property or you could be renovating your current house and just wanted some form of change. Whatever reason it is, it is always a good idea to change up and add new additions in the form of luxe rugs and luxe throws into your interior design. People underestimate just how important luxe rugs and luxe throws are when it comes to how your interior design is perceived. These products need to work well with the colour and design scheme of your property’s interior design, as it acts as a complementary addition to the colour. For example, many modern houses have a plain white minimalist colour scheme nowadays, and these products can be used to add a much needed pop of colour in the room. This way it complements the colour scheme and is not overpowering and works well together.

Here is how to tell apart quality luxe rugs and luxe throws.

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